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Specializing in Whole Body Healing Therapies

Office of Sarah E. Otis
Virginia Certified Massage Therapist, Retired Tennessee Licensed Massage Therapist (retired 9/2014) and
 Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (Retired 2014)

Now that I am taking the business in a whole new direction I have changed the name of my business to reflect the type therapies I am now offering. My business name was formally Healing Hands Massage & Holistic Therapies. I look forward to sharing so many new and wonderful therapies with all of you!

Do you suffer with stress, headaches, neck & shoulder tension, backache, chronic pain or any other body aches?

A day of rejuvenation and healing is just a phone call away!

 You need to come and discover how Intuitive Restorative Healing Services can help you with all of these ailments and so much more!
 Sarah  focuses on the individual needs of each client. She tailors your
session based on your needs and health concerns. She works with individuals who suffer with chronic pain syndromes, life stressor's that
are causing physical symptoms and those who just need to unwind and relax.

Sarah offers a very unique healing experience that you might
not experience with other practitioners. She uses the knowledge obtained from her own personal health struggles and experiences along with her gift of intuition to guide her during a healing session.
There are times when she is given messages to pass along to her client that gives them insight into particular areas they may be blocked.
Sarah has the gift of seeing and communicating with spirits and/or guides and will pass on messages she may receive during a session.

When you enter through the doors of
Healing Hands Holistic Therapies,
you will feel an immediate sense of calm and serene which will follow
you home in your state of relaxation.

You don't have to be sick or have an illness to be in pain, but
many Americans suffer with chronic pain everyday and she offers
therapeutic massage targeting these specific aches and pains.

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