Intuitive Restorative &
Healing Services

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit
Physical pain and discomfort isn't always caused by a physical illness. Many times it is caused by imbalances within your energy field, aura and meridians. If you address the symptoms when they first show up, many times they can be balanced and cleared out before they become a physical ailment which are trickier and take long to address. Yet first you must be willing to acknowledge the symptoms and not continue running from them hoping they will disappear.

 Allow my variety of services to help you address them, work to clear out energy blocks holding you back  whole body optimal health.
Sarah Otis, your guide on your healing journey

Intuitive Restorative Healing Session

Intuitive Restorative Healing Session
+ 20 minute
Transformational Coaching

Cranial Sacral Session

Aviana Touch Therapy

Raindrop Technique

Integrative Reflexology

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