Intuitive Spirit Guided Readings

Have questions about your life in general or the direction you are headed? 

So often we have those burning questions that we would love some insights into or some simple guidance so you can move forward. 

Come and allow the spirit guide's wisdom to bring you the clarity you are seeking.

I actually don't need to know your questions nor story, all I need is your permission to communicate with your Guides and Higher Beings of Light to bring forth the guidance your soul is ready to integrate.

Most people resonate with the Oracle or Angel cards which are very gentle in the messages they convey to the seeker. The messages can come as confirmations or that final nudge you needed. They can be worked with frequently for guidance but shouldn't be your crutch between listening to your own intuition.

Like I always tell my clients, none of the information shared is set in stone, it's all based on the very moment in time. And the next step is all based on your thoughts, actions and words you choose to live YOUR life by. Take what resonates with you that was shared, some might make sense and other information shared might totally feel off but later will come into play when you are fully ready.

Don't allow a reading to be heavy and serious, they are meant to be fun and information for your personal growth!

Many times, I don’t consult the book as the message from spirit is pretty clear. Often I will pass on the spirit guidance first then read what the book has to say about each card or vice versa. Then at the end I give any final thoughts, wisdom and guidance spirit has to share beyond what the cards revealed

Come to the reading with a open mind and heart allowing the rest to unfold
in Divine Timing with Grace and Ease
Freeing yourself from your ego and allowing your guides to pass on messages to your via a Spirit Channel can allow a true transformation to occur as you are receiving the message of your soul and higher self.

~ Sarah Otis ~

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Gypsy Card Reading
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