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By purchasing and/or participating with any of my services and/or readings on my website, blog and social media posts, you acknowledge that I am not a doctor, licensed psychologist, lawyer, financial or healthcare professional, and my services are not a substitute for professional legal, psychological, financial or healthcare advice, assistance or treatment. I come from a place of integrity as a Transformational Spirit practitioner. Do realize what I share with you is what is in your collective energy at that moment and your personal action can shift or alter the outcome

I cannot guarantee the outcome of my services, other than to deliver the services purchased as described. All comments, reviews and recommendations on my website and social media platforms are expressions of others personal opinion only

Arcturian Descriptions:

1. Arcturian Destiny Re-Write:

This session is very powerful. It is designed to clear away all the energetic tendencies, beliefs, and patterns that have created

the current situation. When this is done, it give the recipient the opportunity

to create from a fresh, clean new, blank slate.

I imagine it like a huge wave of energy wiping everything out up until the

current moment.

2. Arcturian Holy Fire:

The Holy Fire Healing is designed to "burn away" limitations, trauma and

further activate your Divine Potential and Purpose.

3. Arcturian Relationship Restoration:

Working with the Purple Dragon to soothe and transform damaged

relationships. This can be with people, money, career or even self. The

main purpose of this healing is to witness the situation from the other

parties perspective which will lead to compassion, understanding and


4. Arcturian Soul Reintegration:

Whenever we suffer a physical or emotional trauma, a part of our soul flees

the body in order to survive the experience. With every cut and wound, our

essence and vitality grows weaker. The Arcturian Soul Reintegration

partners with high frequency Arcturian Technology to magnetically call back

all the fragments of You, Your Soul, Your Essence and re-integrates them

so you are more powerful. Your Unique Energy Signature is clearer and

brighter allowing you to manifest more easily and LIVE from the

perspective of your Higher Self.

Utilizing my natural Intuitive abilities to facilitate your Restorative & Alchemic Healing Services

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit

Physical pain and discomfort isn't always caused by a physical illness. Many times it is caused by imbalances within your energy field, aura and meridians. If you address the symptoms when they first show up, many times they can be balanced and cleared out before they become a physical ailment which are trickier and take long to address. Yet first you must be willing to acknowledge the symptoms and not continue running from them hoping they will disappear.

Allow my variety of services to help you address them, work to clear out energy blocks holding you back whole body optimal health.

Sarah Otis, your guide on your healing journey

Let's jump down the rabbit hole together...

All sessions include credit card processing fee,

indicated under pricing

to get to the root imbalance in your energy field creating your issues...

Choose from any of the following remote services held over a private Zoom Video Conferencing

Restorative Energy

Healing & Coaching

$100 per choice of session

Remote session over Zoom video

(+$3.30 fee)

Custom session blending many different modalities acquired over the last 15 years that help facilitate whole body healing. This session's foundation is based in a variety of different Energy Medicine Modalities that help facilitate the release of energy blocks that might be causing many of your issues or pain.

Choice of modalities is uniquely chosen for each client and session. It will be based on what the client is currently dealing with or experiencing at that time in their journey.

Your session includes a post session coaching to receive guidance, motivation and direction concerning your current challenges. Promotes relaxation, stress reduction, acute & chronic pain relief.

I can make a recommendation of service that I feel will serve you best from the following 3 session types:

Restorative Healing Session options

3 Amazing Healing Services to pick from

Choice #1:

Arcturian Light &

Dragon Healing

Remote session over Zoom video

During this session Divine Galactic Beings such as Dragons, Fairies, Angels and many more.

These beings are Master Healers who assist me to provide your being with the distant healing it is seeking.

I am simply an attuned channel for these master healers to step in and awaken within you your own healing. We aren't healing you, you are healing yourself with the assistance of the high frequencies we fill and surround you with. These frequencies are awakening the dormant codes and frequencies within your DNA so that you can continue your healing while maintaining the state of well-being.

During sessions, many dragons will join us as well to assist you. Each brings their own level of healing assistance.

During your session, these Arcturian services can be completed:

(see descriptions to left)

-Arcturian Destiny Re-Write

-Arcturian Holy Fire

-Arcturian Relationship Restoration

-Arcturian Soul Re-intergration

👉Arcturian Light Healing frequencies can be used for:

~ Assisting you in maintaining your life balance and well-being

~Connecting you more fully to your Life Path and expression of your Divine Gifts

~Helping integrate to life on planet Earth if you are Star-seed

~Amplification of other healing techniques you may use

~Physical Healing

~Emotional Release

~Minimizing the Mind or Ego and Strengthening the perspective of your Soul, or Large Self

~Strengthening your intuition and insight

~Expansion of business, career or financial success

~Amplification of creativity and clairvoyance

And much, much more.

Also check out my library of recorded audio Arcturian Activation's to assist your healing journey for purchase in the Web Store

Choice #2

Empowered Energetics

Remote session over Zoom

During this session, the goal is to delete the root reasons, causes, sources, conditions and triggers of energy imbalances, old limiting stories and dis-empowering beliefs. And simultaneously limit the influence of mind or ego. This will allow you, to operate and live more fully from the perspective of an unlimited potential of your Source, Spirit, Soul,

Higher Self...which is a Magical Life indeed!!

Empowered Energetics works under the presumption that any intention placed in

a person’s Energetic Core (the energetic core is the Solar Plexus Region and the

mid-line - an imaginary line that cuts the body in half vertically) manifests in the

non-physical. Until you address these imbalances, they will then manifest into physical form. We will work to the layer you are ready for.

Empowered Energetics incorporates some of the most cutting-edge energetic methods for self-healing, regeneration, and accelerated performance improvement.

Some of the many benefits of Empowered Energetics are…

** Pain Alleviation (Chronic & Acute)

** Anxiety & Stress Reduction

**Improvement of Serious Illnesses

**Rapid Fear Removal

**Performance Improvement

** Behavior Modifications

**Reduction of Abundance Blocks

**Increased Clarity and Purpose

You will discover how when you systematically delete conflicting energy from 9 different categories that are creating weakness in your energy field, you will find and delete the root causes of the block or misbelief. Many modalities only work on emotions, past lives, pathogens. or belief systems. Empowered Energetics works with those AND more, guaranteeing you, your family, your pets the best opportunity to completely and effectively delete the reasons, causes and sources of conflict, pain and mis-creation.

Choice #3

Anahata Codes

Remote session over Zoom video

Anahata Codes provide access to assisting frequencies already in the state of reality you wish to resonate with in order for your body to ascend into a place of balance and healing today by bathing your cells in the vibration of the intelligence of things which have information you body will use to balance....

Deeper & More Intensive Services for the Seasoned Awaken Being

who wishes to address their Timelines & Multi-Dimensional Self

Galactic Dragon

Alchemy Journeys

$125 per session

Remote session over Zoom


These are fun personal journeys all guided by your higher self. No two journeys are alike which makes them that much more fun!

I will guide you into a relaxed meditative state of being which allows you to step out of your ego mind and into your higher self. We will begin the journey based on how you guides see best fit. We will visit and travel with dragons, fairies, angels and many more galactic beings of light. This works well to facilitate Timeline Healing and collapse. Most journeys take around 1 hour.

If you aren't quite ready for your own personal 1on1 journey, you can check out some of the previous group journeys that you are called to.

Recordings for sale in my Web Store

Personal Deep Dive Transformations

private 1 on 1 setting

Remote session over Zoom

3 weeks Intensive $299 (+$9.24 fee)

4 weeks Intensive $399 (+$12.23 fee)

6 weeks Intensive $599 (+18.20 fee)

Payments available, please ask

Ready for a fresh start......craving balance once more?

Each transformation is unique in it's own way based on what the client is in need of transforming and purging.

Depending on the selected program, I will tune into your Higher Self and Guides to see what is the best approach to assist. Then connect with you to see where any resistance lies within that is creating the chaos in your life. This is where the alchemy plan is mapped out.

Transformations blend all my wisdom, skills and connections to provide the best holistic approach to your needs. I will be utilizing the Anahata Codes, a Bio-Diverse Healing Modality, each day we blast through old limiting belief systems and programs to clear the way for real transformation to unfold for your highest good!

In addition to utilizing the Anahata Codes, I utilize the

following to assist you:

  • Empowered Energetics
  • Arcturian Light Healing
  • Light Language
  • Light Code Downloads/Activation's
  • Oracle Readings
  • Dragon Journeys
  • Sound Healing
  • Essential Oils

-The 3 day program is good for 1-3 issues that need immediate assistance and you have already been doing some intense healing on your own. We would meet either 3 days in a row or every other day over 5 days.

-The 6 weeks program is for the deeper dive to address layers upon layers of traumas, energetic blockages and more. We will meet 1x wk for several hours and you will have some self work to complete each week on your own at your pace.

You will receive your own private Facebook or similar group to keep all your session videos, files and correspondence from me to refer

back to for years to come.

All calls are recorded and posted in the group. At NO time is any of the recordings, postings, calls, healing, etc from your program to be shared with others. Nor will I share any of the files as all treated confidentially.