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Anahata Codes Session Forms

Print and Complete

Microsoft & PDF Options are attached in the event you can't access or complete the online version or print out the google print forms

Word Format



Complete Online

Quick and Easy



To make this process smooth for you, I have two options for you to complete and get your forms to me. I am trying out the Google docs option so I am including​ a option to complete online and a option to print out and complete then scan back to me if online session or print for In-person session.

Once I have a chance to review your forms, I will contact you regarding booking your appointment. I normally do my sessions via Zoom so we can see one another and have the option to record your session for you if so desired. I can also do a session over the phone if that's the only option.

Once I have your issues you want help addressing, it will take me a few days to prepare for your session so if you need to add anything to what you have already shared, you will need to contact me immediately.

I am excited you have taken this step to assist your

Holistic Health & Well-being!

I look forward to working with you and assisting you in Remembering your Beautiful Magnificence!​

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