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Psychic Intuitive Services Testimonials

Morganyta Meier

Buddhist Practitioner, India

"Sarah did a one card reading for me in February 2017
What impressed me most is the love and support that came through in the spirit message apart from an intense intuitive knowledge of my current ongoing struggles. It was very uplifting to read and receive the messages and I was very surprised about the depth they offered to me. Sarah does excellent at non judgemental review and useful hints how to deal with the challenges at hand without creating attachment whatsoever. I highly recommend her for her wonderful way to help compassionately and thoroughly.
I have been actively engaged in the spiritual path for more than 25 y. and am convinced that Sarah's review has put me in touch with tools and support that I did not have access to prior. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Once again my reading was spot on! Though Sarah is half a world away from me, she energetically connects intensely with her clients! The spiritual guidance brings so much unconditional love and understanding to my difficult situation that I am overwhelmed to feel this much positive support. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I cannot recommend her enough if you want to further your views on the ongoing support that is available for you!!"
I went to Sarah for a reading and was struck by the wisdom and insight that she possessed. She offered her insights in a manner that was marked by kindness and compassion. She offered actionable steps to guide me in applying the messages she received. She is truly gifted and anyone would benefit from a reading from her.
January 2017 Reading

~Lisa Coleman, Tennessee, USA

Chameice Daniels

Natural Intuitive and Channel of the Divine Soulfull Energy Healer, Idaho, USA

Sarah is such a divine soul. Her card reading was divinely inspired and completely resonated with my soul path at this time. It was a perfect confirmation of what I needed to journey forward into my highest good. I would highly recommend her insight and guidance along your journey. It will open doors of possibilities and opportunity to grow deeper into this amazing journey. I adore her page, energy, and offers as I'm sure you will too!

Lisa Gilchrist

Reiki Master/Teacher, Tennessee, USA

As usual Miss Sarah, your card pull and Spirit's message are SPOT on! I indeed have taken steps to put more time to my side interests. The last two weeks I have been feeling frustrated because I keep getting pulled away from my studies by important but petty stuff. Or I'm just plain exhausted from my day job. Your reading just confirms my path for me. I wish I could delegate more to others but there are no "others" so I'm hiring help for what I can. Keeping my eye on the prize!! Thank you again, I will probably be in touch for a full reading soon!

Julia Whitt

Physio/Acupuncturist, Body & Emotion Code Practitioner, Healer
Johannesburg, South Africa

Sarah has done 2 spot on readings for me, Excellent!!
I have to add that each time Sarah has done a Wednesday reading for me, advice has come which has made me take notice of things happening to me which I would otherwise have not noticed. I am a VERY aware person and the profound messages I have received  via Sarah have been inspirational. It's as if she has amplified the whispering of the Universe, so I'd notice :) :)

January 2018
I have previously had card readings via Sarah Otis' free service. These were totally spot on, despite her knowing nothing about my challenges at that time.
It was not surprising then, that on my now having  a MAJOR decision to make, I should be guided to Sarah for a private reading.
And Oh my goodness, my higher guidance was again SPOT ON. 
Sarah asked me NOT to tell her about my 'issue' before she chose the cards, as she felt this would cloud the cards  and that the 'story' would develop during the reading.
To say that I am blown away by her intuitive ability and the accuracy of her reading, would be to minimise the serious gift which she brings to the table. The cards, and her insight, enabled me to make the decision I needed to make very quickly. I had 2 options in my decision, and the cards clearly showed the way forward. Not only that, once she explained the cards, it was such a relief...!!!! 
I guess we all know deep inside what the answers are, Sarah just helped that come to the surface.
What an amazing experience!
Sarah was kind and patient, as well as VERY knowledgeable. She took her time with the reading, and I never felt that she was rushing her explanations or my understanding.
I would unreservedly recommend Sarah Otis to anyone who is in my situation. This was, as I said, a major decision I had to make, and today, I feel more than relieved that the I could  make the decision  that feels 100% right for me.
Thank you so much Sarah.....

Very accurate, beautiful and poignant reading, was so true and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for your gift of a free Wednesday reading. I plan on booking a private reading soon!
~Kelly Coleman, USA

Alistair Rhind

Musician, Global Nomad, Australia

Received an amazing reading from Sarah, it was sent from half way across the world but I felt like the reading was done right in front of me. The card resonates with me deeply in regards to where I am in my life, giving me that extra pat on the back. Messages like the one from the card helps me remember that I'm heading down the right path.
Thanks again!

Catherine Swanz Glastal

Reiki Practitioner

Sarah is a genuine, loving soul and healing and light are her true calling. Her one card reading with the extra message from Spirit was spot on and resonated deeply with things I had been feeling, but doubting. Thank you Sarah for your gift.

Emily Pearl

Massage Therapist & Energy Healer
North Carolina, USA

~2016 Reading~
I received a reading from Sarah while she was overseas in India. She sent the reading to me in a recording that I could listen to in my own time and included pictures of the cards drawn. The reading was intriguing and enlightening. She went into great detail and depth on the different cards both sharing the meaning of each whilst offering extra intuitive guidance and messages from spirit. The information I gained sparked positive changes in not only my perceptions towards my current actions, but helped me to gain insight on where my current actions could lead me if I am willing to maintain and stay positive. Sarah is empathic, confident and highly intuitive but also very eloquent in her interpretations.

~2017 Reading~
Sarah's reading was highly intuitive and right on point. It helped me gain more peace and clarity in my current situation. Afterwards I felt lighter energetically and feel as though she helped me transmute some of my negative energy to more positive energy. Thank you Sarah, I am very grateful for your guidance.

The readings I had from Sarah really give me much valuable insights as concerns my traveling on my path. Better said, I am aware of these insights as I get them through my intuition but the readings are like confirmations of where I am on the road of self-discovery and purpose. They are the validation that I seek. And I simply LOOOOVE the messages from spirit. They are so in tune with myself. Thank you so much, Sarah for your time and consideration. Your readings beautify my life!


~ Monica-Maria Lupu, Lover of Life, Romania

Milena Karakasheva'

Spiritual Seeker, Bulgaria

The reading hit directly at a topic very valid for my current situation. The insights and recommendations were accurate and made me consider the situation without the sugar coating of illusions - I did need a slight kick and I got it and am happy with the wording that Sarah used to make me turn my eyes in the right direction.

Germaine Kritzer Koomen

Spiritual Seeker, Canada

Sarah's generous reading was so very accurate and prepared me for an event which began within 24 hours of her reading. I got caught up in the drama then finally paused to read her message. It was just the message I needed to hear to be able to release and grow. That kind you, Sarah. I'm amazed that you could be so accurate in a distance reading from someone you do not know at all.
I’ve know Sarah as a friend and colleague for many years. What I have observed is her dedication to her field and continual development over the past decade. I have always found her work very accurate and intuitive.

Recently I had a Gypsy Card reading and session with Sarah. At the time of the reading it did not resonate or make enough sense to me to make any connections. To my surprise within about 2 months it came to full fruition. I think part of me was hoping she would be wrong because it wasn’t results I wanted to hear. I have to testify to her accuracy. There was also guidance in the reading for the situation as it occurred which helped me manage through it. It was a very powerful experience with positive results.

Joy Behymer - Writer and Massage Business Owner, USA

Sherene Judd

Spiritual Seeker, Europe

It was deeply surprising and has opened up insights that I never even realized was really there within me! I can feel my awareness of my spirit guides presence by my side stronger!! it was so helpful and something substantial to work with... thank you to Sarah xo

Stacey Compton

Mother Extraordinaire, Virginia, USA

I've had the privilege of knowing Sarah for many years and I've always appreciated her intuitive and comforting words, even before she offered readings. She's the only one who has made me to feel more physically able. The power of her spirit for the cleansing of others is unsurpassed. I'd gladly see her every day if I could ♡
Intuitive, insightful and caring.
Really enjoyed the thoughtful engagement.
Miguel Faria Rocha Pinto, Architecture, Johannesburg, South Africa

Linda Lonseth

Playing with Spaces
Helix Lightwork Creator
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sarah's readings are very detailed and generous - the words really flow! She is clearly channeling from authoritative Beings, and the readings are very positive. 
Love her work!

Susan Bayard Rifkin

Astrologer, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Pennsylvania, USA

My single card reading from Sarah Otis was wonderfully encouraging. I had so many overwhelming simultaneous issues that my question was simply “Please ask Spirit what I need to know”. I am impressed & grateful that despite zero information from me, her message accurately described what I already knew to be true of my past and present. So, I could put faith into the reassurance that the length of time in transition had a positive purpose. And I could be optimistic about my future being free of the past challenges.
Sarah did a great reading for me. It was right on track.
~ Alison Linder, Virginia, USA
Sarah has always been a thoughtful person. This is the first time I have ever had a reading. I am intrigued the way it works, and I feel confident in Sarah's guidance. I want to thank you Sarah for your time and patience in this work for the spirit and soul you have taken under your wing. I might have felt less confident in choosing someone I didn't know, or I may have never tried this. But, Sarah makes you feel like you have known her all your life and beyond. Blessings Sarah!
~ Nancy Goosley, Baker - Cater, Abingdon, VA, USA
Sarah did a free reading for me -I was so disturbed that week that I missed it unless I saw it later..and the spirit message was exactly what i was going through...
I think her reasons are very close to the situation and accurate. 
I have interacted with her without readings too, and I think she brings a lot of wisdom to table.
Do try to covey with her for readings or anything you feel pressed for..
Love n light

~ Sari Grace, Delhi, India

When I first met Sarah, I was skeptical of anything that could not be experienced with the five senses. However, I wanted to see what a reading was like before I dismissed it. I was stunned by how accurate her insights were. More importantly, she offers words of encouragement and optimism when it seems like we are surrounded by discouraging news. She is truly committed to helping others be the best expression of themselves.
March 2017 Reading

~ Lisa Coleman, Tennessee, USA

I love Sarah's energy, I love her kindness Love. I love that she's changing her life, transforming her life, by being an offering of Love.

~ Radma Ahmed El Saeed, Egypt